LA JOLLA, Calif. (April 12, 2018)INmune Bio, Inc., an immunotherapy company developing therapies that reprogram the patient’s innate immune system to treat cancer,  announces that co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer Mark Lowdell, PhD, delivered the keynote speech Wednesday, April 11, at the CTERP International Conference in Moscow. The conference is the second annual meeting in Russia to bring together the excellence in basic stem cell and immunotherapy research with the developing expertise in translational cell therapy.  Lowdell addressed European developments in advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) and highlighted where these were relevant to the developing Russian marketplace.

"It was my honor to present at this conference as one of a small group of speakers from outside Russia,"  Lowdell said. "Translation of cell and tissue therapies to address unmet clinical needs has been the aim of my research throughout my career and this is a particularly exciting time to be in Russia as they implement their new regulation of cell and gene therapies and join the global efforts in developing these therapies."

Lowdell has over 20 years of experience in immuno-oncology, particularly in the role of natural killer (NK) cells of the innate immune system. He helped develop INmune Bio’s INKmuneTM, an immunotherapy designed to help a patient’s own NK cells see and attack cancer. This is critical, especially as it relates to relapse. While conventional therapies may effectively eliminate the majority of cancer in a patient, the patient’s immune system is needed to kill residual disease and prevent relapse. Reprogramming the NK cells enables them to activate and attack the remainder of the cancer.

Lowdell is a professor of cell and tissue therapy at University College London and EU vice president of the International Society of Cell Therapy.

Lowdell will also chair a session on organoids and tissues engineering while at the conference.

About INmune Bio, Inc.

INmune Bio Inc. is a clinical stage biotechnology company that is developing new immunotherapies that reprogram a patient’s innate immune system to allow the immune system to fight cancer. Our drug candidates, INKmuneTM and INB03, can be used alone or with conventional therapies to help eliminate disease in a wide variety of cancers. They can also boost the effectiveness of other immunotherapies designed to enhance immune response to specific tumors.

The development of new immunotherapies is revolutionizing cancer care. INmune Bio is at the forefront of that revolution with novel products that take the brakes off  the most powerful weapon in the fight against cancer: the patient’s immune system.

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